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Relocation, Company Formation, Education, Property Purchase, Vacation

We’re delighted to offer our clientele within the Asia Pacific the great opportunities for experiencing the benefits of global living. Skip those long immigration ques at the airport and breeze your way through, exactly like the freedoms afforded the locals. Whatever your reasons for investing globally, business opportunities, educating your children to give them a brighter global future, or to have that extra little place to call home, we can make those plans, as well as dreams all come to fruition.   

Golden Visa Application – Permanent Residency packages -Education Immigration – Company Formation advice/service – Plus, outstanding return upon original Investment.

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Strategy, Fund Raising, Pool Funding, Options, Annuities, Retirement.

The art of playing well within the Investment game is being able to have Good Judgment, Great Research Skills, Fantastic People Skills and, of course, let’s not forget plenty of Good Luck as well as a lot of Savviness. It’s wise not to put all your eggs into one basket, that’s why at the MYYM Group our investment strategies mean we can guarantee you a return upon your original investment, whatever that might have been. We offer :

Investment – Consultation Services – Research & Data Collection- Fund Raising – Advice about becoming an Investor. Investment Project Management & Investment Stratagy.

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Design, Film, Marketing, - Above The Line, Below The Line, B2B, B2C.

Our dedicated creative award winning team are more than happy to assist you with all the know-how and experience needed, for your daily creative marketing needs. With a MYYM Group founding member once being head creative director for Sky TV, there simply isn’t anything that we won’t take a look at, creatively speaking.  

Film/Photo shoot production – Print Design- TV channel branding – Motion graphics/3D anmation – Interactive TV content & concept creation. – Video rich content creation for existing digital platforms & portals – Website Design – Branding, UX – Graphics.,Micro-sites. – Micro game design – Coding/Programming. – (DAL’s) ‘dedicated advertising locations’ – Mobile app design & development. – Digital & Traditional Marketing.

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Crude Oil, Pipeline, Drilling, Terminal Storage, Fuel, Maintenance, Management.

Every Oil & Gas project that we manage, we instigate with the utmost awareness to safety and the environment, as well as the communities and societies in which we operate within. We strongly believe that the journey towards sustainable growth requires a harmony among economic, environmental, as well as social well-being. We specialise in :

Investment – Manufacture, Repair and Maintainance of Equipment used – Oilfield Services – Seismic Testing – Oil Refining – Downstreaming & Upstreaming.

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Immigration, Civil, Landlord/Tentant, IP, Criminal Law, Company Formation.

We deliver outstanding high value services through the provision of up-to-date legal solutions to support and aid legal developments in Indonesia, as well as the Asia Pacific. We design and manage transactions from beginning to end. Our purpose? To assist you navigate today’s complicated legal landscape, by applying outside the box techniques, in order to help the processes of legal law work much faster for your larger business requirements.

Audit and Assurance – Tax  – Advisory Deals – Consulting – Legal Services  – Capital Markets Services – Accounting Advisory Services – Actuarial Services – Entrepreneurial & Private Business

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Extraction, Common, Precious, Inert, Hazardous, Surface, Underground.

From providing materials for cell phones, for helping build structures for airplanes, as well as minerals for coins. We mine the ingredients for various essential items for your everyday life and use. The MYYM Group is conscious however, of the need for having a commitment to good mining practices, in order to sustain the richness of the environment by reducing the negative impacts of mining activities. Services we offer :

Mining Project Evaluation – Mining Project Funding & Management –  Extractive Metallurgy & Mineral Processing – Geology Resources & Exploration – Mining – Mine Ventilation – Geotechnical Engineering – Waste Management & Environmental, Social & Closure Compliance 

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Apartments, Villas, Hotels, Restaurants, Residential, Commercial,Turn-Key.

Good Interior Design is the art and science of understanding people’s behavior in order to create functional living, working, as well as relaxing spaces within a building. The MYYM Group offers our clients an array of services based upon those needs. This we successfully offer via our association with Yumboxinteriors, a subsidiary of ‘PT Yumbox Creative Services. Full list of services offered include:

Full Service Interior Design – Furniture Selection & Specifications – Design Consultation – Interior Styling – Design & Modeling – Floor Plan Review – Inspiration Board + Layout & Home Staging

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Design, Manage, Execution, Material, Renovation, Labor, Hiring, Sub-Contracting

At the MYYM Group, we specialize in sophisticated and prestigious construction and infrastructure projects. Iconic, as well as landmark constructions, no project is ever too small, and certainly never too large. Our longstanding relations with clients have provided iconic construction services to many companies, as well as governmental agencies across Indonesia, as well as through-out the Asia Pacific.

Project Evaluation – Pre-Construction Design – Virtual Construction – Estimating Design/Build – Scheduling – Procurement Management – Construction Services – Office Build-outs – Renovation and Expansion – Remodeling – Building Sustainability & Upgrades.

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The MYYM Group is a collective of highly trained, well connected and skilled professionals, who offer outstanding services to clients, both within Indonesia, as well as through-out the Asia-Pacific. The Group specializes in Investments, Mining, Oil, Gas, Construction, Legal, as well as Media/Marketing.