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Exhibition Display

L’Oreal -‘Immerse Yourself Campaign’ Concept Development- Indonesia

Yumboxdesign team got all immersed in the latest creative offering for the Indonesian L’Oreal cosmetics campaign. Creating a concept and visual identify for their on-line and exhibition marketing strategies across Indonesia, Creative Director Peter Sinclair got all inspired by photographer Philippe-Kerlo’s work, when it came to developing a striking visual marketing strategy that would hopefully be long remembered by L’Oreal devoted customer base. Batik pattern designs were also subtly embedded into this contemporary Indonesian campaign, which successfully anchored this stylish original campaign to its Indonesian cultural heritage. A work in progress, but we couldn’t help but show how great our creative approach is currently going, to date. We’ll of course, keep you all updated.


Creative Director/Graphics Designer – Peter Sinclair
Photographer/Art Director – Philippe-Kerlo.
Client : L’Oreal – Immerse Yourself Campaign’ –  Indonesia

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