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Creative Agency Branding & Concept Developement

Creative Strategy – Focal Global Brand Identity Approach.

Taking a walk on the dark side, Creative Director Peter Sinclair explores more avant garde image usage for the image concept developement for Focal Global. Never too shy to explore provoking or shocking image use. Great creative agencies roll is to stand out ahead of the crowd themselves, when competing with other creative trendsetters.


Creative/Director/Concept Designer/Graphics Designer – Peter Sinclair, Material Designer: Shai Langen, Client Contact: Focal Global – Mahesh Silveri [CEO/Founder]

Image Marketing & Concept – Brand Developement

If there’s one thing we love doing, is exploring the full potential of a brand. Having delivered a strong intelligent brand offering for the Focal Global team previously, our creative team now looks at bringing that same logo to life, from a marketing perspective, in the most visually impactful way possible. Of course, it helps if we have full creative freedom to do so. The results are most delightful, I think you can agree. Creative  Director Peter Sinclair wanted to explore the potential of the Focal Global colour palette, and was also inspired by the works of photographer Blake Little when visualizing these most beautiful and yummy series of images.  More concepts soon to follow. Enjoy.


Creative Director/Concept Designer/Graphics Designer – Peter Sinclair, Illustration: Robert Carter, Client Contact: Focal Global – Mahesh Silveri [CEO/Founder]

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