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A Modern Forward Looking Group based in the Heart of Asia

Redefining the way Asia does business.

Ever Imagined what it would be like to go to just one major player within the industry for all your business advice and needs? Well, now you can.

A truly multi-cultural family. The MYYM Group represents what’s best in global business, all put under one roof. The Group comprises of two forward thinking companies, ‘PT. Dua Naga Internasional’ and ‘PT Yumbox Creative Services’. Both of which was incorporated in 2019 in order to forge a partnership in business that is second to none.

Together, the founding members of each company joined as one, in order to offer business services within Asia that will be unparalleled. ‘PT. Dua Naga Internasional’ areas of expertise comes in the form of Mining, Legal, Oil, Gas, Investments & Construction. Whereas, Creative Marketing & Interior Design services are offered up via Yumboxdesign & Yumboxinteriors, which are the two public faces of PT Yumbox Creative Services.

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Our Skills

The MYYM Group can be your one-stop solution for all your business needs. Whether we started our collaboration by us helping you to raise funds, the relationship doesn’t necessarily have to end there. We can then help manage, even market whatever it was, you needed those funds for, in the first place.


Core Services

We have decades of industry experience between us, making us true masters of what we do.


Everything starts with Investment. Like water being the major life-force for all things living. So is Money, for all things business. We have the know-how, as well as all the right connections you’ll need, in order to get all your business ambitions off the ground and flourishing. Give us a call and we’ll get the process started.


In the beginning, God created the Heavens and the Earth. We certainly can’t top that, but we can market the hell out of it. If you’ve made something that you’re proud of, and you now need to shout about it, then why not let us do the creative brainstorming for you, and bring whatever it is you’ve created, into the light.


Oil Mining & Gas, or OMG. Yeah, we certainly have our fingers in a lot of fundamental industry sectors. It makes good business sense to have know-how in sectors that are essential in life, as well as within business. We can offer advice, as well as solid business partnering opportunities within these fields.  


We construct from the bottom up, and from the inside out. We offer Interior Design services, as well as Architectural. No job too small, and certainly never too large. Helping to keep the roof over your head, as well as get you to work on time via roads and bridges. Need something built? Well, you know where to find us.

The Team

The four pillars, as well as co-founders of the MYYM Group.

Michael Vandyk
Michael Vandyk


Michael has worked for major players such as Exxon Mobil, the Maersk Group and Brookfield Property Partners, and has personally been behind major infrastructural developments for countries based within the Asia Pacific. A true business visionary, Michael brings a whole wealth of global business knowledge to the Group, as well as solid industry connections that will help see the MYYM Group soar to greater heights.

Yuli Maria Lyanawati
Yuli Maria Lyanawati


With over 11 years CEO experience, Yuli’s connections within Indonesia, as well as the Asia Pacific are second to none. A highly experienced Fund Raiser, as well as financial planner, we’re extremely happy at the MYYM Group to call Yuli our CEO. Co-founder of PT. Dua Naga Internasional, Yuli also has had great success with Trading and Mining projects within the Asia Pacific via her other company, PT Berkat Melimpah Sepanjang Masa.

Peter Sinclair
Peter Sinclair


With over two decades of industry experience, Peter brings his multi-award winning skills to the group. Having been Creative Director for broadcasters such as Sky & Flextech Television, he also worked for the prestigious branding agency, Lambie-Nairn. The design agency behind the branding for the BBC. An experienced Shoot Director, Graphic Designer & Producer, he brings a lot of creative weight to our table.

Jelena Milutinovic
Jelena Milutinovic

Design Director - Yumboxinteriors.

Jelena is a trained architect, as well as a highly creative & passionate Interior Designer, who is always upon a quest for new design challenges with a strong focus on generating balance between aesthetics and function. Co-founder of PT Yumbox Creative Services, which owns Yumboxinteriors, Jelena with her 16 years professional interior design practice, advices the Group upon all things architectural, as well as Interior Design.

Being a part of a young & dynamic group here in Asia is such an amazing experience. Really looking forward to working with all our future clients, real soon.

Peter Sinclair
Peter Sinclair
Chief Marketing Officer/Co-Founder

Now for the first time in Asia, a group that can take complete  control of all your business needs. Very proud to be apart of the MYYM business offering.

Michael Vandyk
Michael Vandyk

Becoming a member of a strong male & female business team here in the Asia Pacific is a great satisfaction. Leading it, is even better. 🙂

Yuli Maria Iyanawati
Yuli Maria Iyanawati
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    Office Tower – Tunjungan Plaza 6, Floor 11, No 12, Jl. Embong Malang No.36, Surabaya, 60261 East Java - Indonesia

The MYYM Group is a collective of highly trained, well connected and skilled professionals, who offer outstanding services to clients, both within Indonesia, as well as through-out the Asia-Pacific. The Group specializes in Investments, Mining, Oil, Gas, Construction, Legal, as well as Media/Marketing.