Specializing in Home X-Ray and Ultrasound Services throughout Long Island, Brooklyn and Queens. Discounts are always available for professionals, schools, students and any other B2B customers. Clinical ultrasound machines require an rx and you may need guidance on how to use the machine correctly. Home. Ultrasound imaging, also known as sonography, is a safe imaging technique that produces images of the inside of the body using high-frequency sound waves as opposed to radiation. Ultrasound therapy applies healing sound waves directly to the treated body area. Early pregnancy ( < 13 wks) Renal ultrasound . This portable ultrasound device provides 3 different preset time settings at 3 different duty cycle or intensity settings for maximum versatility. Certain classes of therapeutic ultrasound devices require a medical licence or a prescription for purchase. Best Home Ultrasound Therapy Devices Available. Ultrasound practices should consider site and staff participation in voluntary accreditation and certification programs that address both safety and effectiveness of the device following the principles of As Low As Reasonably Achievable (ALARA), such as those offered by the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine  and the American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers . Whether dealing with  a minor injury or recovering from a major surgery, ultrasound therapy is a likely treatment option for many patients. Although ultrasound imaging is generally considered safe when used prudently by appropriately trained health care providers, ultrasound energy has the potential to produce biological effects on the body. We've created this "Ultrasound Therapy Buying Guide" to help out. The Current Solutions US Pro 2000 Ultrasound Machi…, Current Solutions US 1000 Portable Ultrasound Machine  © 2020 prohealthcareproducts.com All Rights Reserved. Because ultrasound is not based on ionizing radiation, it is particularly useful for women of child-bearing age when CT or other imaging methods would otherwise result in exposure to radiation. We provide excellent imaging to our patients using state of the art ultrasound machines. Recommended professional ultrasound units include: Portable Therapeutic Ultrasound Units and Accessories, Ultrasound Therapy Carts and Storage Options. Buying a mobile cart for your ultrasound machine adds storage and usability to any device. Chattanooga Transport Portable Therapeutic Ultrasound, Mettler 740X Ultrasound Device with 3 Soundheads Included, Dynatron 25 Series Portable Ultrasound Device, Intelect Legend Ultrasound From Chattanooga. No matter your budget or credentials, let us help you find the next items on the shopping list for you. Health care personnel employed by facilities that are subject to FDA's user facility reporting requirements should follow the reporting procedures established by their facilities. Ultrasound Imaging Trusted Imaging Solutions in New Jersey. These lower intensity portable ultrasound units don’t require a prescription and can be operated by home users without special training. Spinal issues are known to manifest into pain and discomfort in all areas of the body. We even have portable combination therapy units which add e-stim to your treatment arsenal. Here are some of our favorite ultrasound devices to use at home. Not only that, but with an ergonomically-designed soundhead applicators and easy-to-read digital panel, the Soundcare plus is simple to set up and use. Welcome to the University of Washington’s Department of Radiology Ultrasound website. Home ultrasound machines need to be lightweight and reliable. We are specific for ultrasound. The ComboCare Ultrasound/E-Stim combination device is a portable device that can be used in the office or treat patients off-site. The healing soundwaves from ultrasound therapy do just that. Ultrasound therapy is the perfect treatment modality for chiropractic use. If you’re interested in an e-stim ultrasound combination unit: Checkout the 3 or 5 Channel Dynatron Combo Machine. The portable base model of the Dynatron 25 series ultrasound comes in several configurations. Ultrasound imaging (sonography) uses high-frequency sound waves to view inside the body. The best portable ultrasound devices are both affordable and easy to use. If all you need is light or moderate therapeutic ultrasound, we have several options that won't break the bank. For less than the cost of a few PT appointments, you can own your own ultrasound for personal use. Good news is, home ultrasound units can be purchased by by anyone (see US Pro 2000 Home Ultrasound - No prescription required). Our … We offer a variety of Home Ultrasound Units made by Current Solutions, Roscoe Medical, Chattanooga, Dynatronics. If you’re looking for an affordable all-on-one device, the Current Solutions US 2000 Portable Ultrasound is a great option. We offer a variety of Home Ultrasound Units made by Current Solutions, Roscoe Medical, Chattanooga, Dynatronics. DECEMBER 4-5, 2020 COMPREHENSIVE VENOUS ULTRASOUND . No matter the modality, the main goal for chiropractic treatment is to reduce inflammation and increase range of motion. Click below for Referral Forms: Diagnostic Ultrasound … Please contact us if you have any questions about purchasing an ultrasound device. The Dynatron 25 comes with 3 different soundhead sizes: 2cm Soundhead - for small joints and tissue like hands and feet, 5cm Soundhead -  better for medium size areas like shoulders and hips. In terms of price, the cost of our ultrasound units depends on several things. Common ultrasound imaging procedures include: Ultrasound imaging has been used for over 20 years and has an excellent safety record. If you need any help deciding on the right model for your needs, please don’t hesitate to ask. Manufacturers of electronic radiation emitting products sold in the United States are responsible for compliance with the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act (FFDCA), Chapter V, Subchapter C - Electronic Product Radiation Control. The site is secure. As with all other imaging modalities, the principles of As Low As Reasonably Achievable (ALARA) should be practiced by health care providers. What is the best ultrasound therapy machine for professional physiotherapist? Or, general-use mobile carts can be used for ultrasound or any other treatment modality you require. Who Can Buy Professional Portable Ultrasound Therapy Devices? Routine examinations are performed to assess and monitor the health status of the fetus and mother. For more information, see Getting to Market with a Medical Device. For select products, the user manual may be available on board the system. What is the best home ultrasound machine? For a lower price, you can double treatment options, increasing both therapeutic value and revenue. Mettler Electronic's Sonicator …, Dynatronics 150plus Portable Ultrasound Unit with 1 Soundhead Class II and III Ultrasound Therapy Devices are made for clinical deep muscle healing under supervision of a pro. Therapeutic Ultrasound Units for Home Use, Shopping for the best ultrasound therapy unit can be overwhelming and time consuming for professionals. Any health care facility employing ultrasound should conduct regular quality control tests to ensure that equipment is functioning properly. Furthermore, the use of ultrasound solely for non-medical purposes such as obtaining fetal ‘keepsake’ videos has been discouraged. Monitoring High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) ablation therapy with harmonic motion imaging. Current Solutions US Pro 2000 Ultrasound Machine Ultrasound imaging (or sonography) is a common and convenient procedure for producing images of the inside of a patient's body. Newer, 3-D ultrasound … Some devices have preset modes for specific treatments, while others may require the use of an ultrasound therapy manual to help set treatment parameters. Not only that, but we also carry all necessary accessories like ultrasound gel, carrying case, bottle warmers and mobile carts. In addition to following the general recommendations (for manufacturers, facilities, and any member of the public) for reporting problems for adverse events associated with ultrasound imaging, the following information should be included in reports, if available: An official website of the United States government, Recalls, Market Withdrawals and Safety Alerts, Radiation-Emitting Products and Procedures, Information for Patients including Expectant Mothers, Information for Practices Conducting Ultrasound Imaging, American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine, RadiologyInfo.org: Obstetrical Ultrasound, Image Gently: The Alliance for Radiation Safety in Pediatric Imaging, Initiative To Reduce Unnecessary Radiation Exposure From Medical Imaging, American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers, Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act (FFDCA), Chapter V, Subchapter C - Electronic Product Radiation Control, Guidance for Industry and FDA Staff - Information for Manufacturers Seeking Marketing Clearance of Diagnostic Ultrasound Systems and Transducers (PDF Version) (PDF - 474KB), Declaration for Imported Electronic Products Subject to Radiation Control Standards (PDF - 399KB), MedWatch, the FDA Safety Information and Adverse Event Reporting Program, FDA's user facility reporting requirements, Medical Device Reporting (MDR) Regulations of 21 CFR Part 803, Getting a Radiation Emitting Product to Market, Records and Reporting (Radiation-Emitting Products), Importing and Exporting Electronic Products, Abdominal ultrasound (to visualize abdominal tissues and organs), Bone sonometry (to assess bone fragility), Breast ultrasound (to visualize breast tissue), Doppler fetal heart rate monitors (to listen to the fetal heart beat), Doppler ultrasound (to visualize blood flow through a blood vessel, organs, or other structures), Fetal ultrasound (to view the fetus in pregnancy), Ultrasound-guided biopsies (to collect a sample of tissue), Ophthalmic ultrasound (to visualize ocular structures, Ultrasound-guided needle placement (in blood vessels or other tissues of interest). HOT virtual will be truly interactive with live imaging… … This 3-in-1 ultrasound device makes one of your most intimate moments even more so by keeping you out of a sickly doctor’s office, detaching you from the cold utensils used to see the baby, and preventing you from having to travel outside your home … The three types of Doppler ultrasound are spectral Doppler, color Doppler and power Doppler. How to use portable ultrasound therapy machines? If you need both an ultrasound machine and therapy cart, we’re happy to provide a package discount. You can also upgrade regular ultrasounds or combination therapy units into more mobile treatment options for your patients and practitioners. These scans utilize high-frequency sound waves that create images and be interpreted so … Use the ultrasound probe in circular motions for for up to 15 minutes. Medical device manufacturers, distributors, importers, and device user facilities (which include many health care facilities) must comply with the Medical Device Reporting (MDR) Regulations of 21 CFR Part 803. There are some machines that require a prescription to purchase for home use, but there are some devices that can be purchased without an rx. For more information about cleaning your scanner, visit … Benefits of this deep heating are: improved circulation which opens up blood vessels allowing more oxygen to be delivered to injured tissues which generates tissue repair. When sound waves pass through the body, … The real-time imaging through ultrasound makes it well-suited to medical procedures. 90 ($819.90/Count) We offer both entry level and professional ultrasound units for sale. Mobile Carts for Ultrasound machines come in many different varieties. Owning a home ultrasound therapy machine is easier now than ever. Using pulse wave imaging to quantify the stiffness of the arterial wall and assess the likelihood of an … Use of these devices by untrained persons could expose the fetus to prolonged and unsafe energy levels, or could provide information that is interpreted incorrectly by the user. Several ultrasound options are available. Working with the Soundcare Plus Clinica…, Portable Ultrasound and TENS Combo Device World-renowned medical device company, Intelect brings cutting-edge inn…, Dynatron 25 Series D125B Portable Ultrasound Shop our catalog of Ultrasound Soundheads, Accessories, Mobility Carts, Ultrasound Gel, Bottle warmers and more. At half the price of other clinical ultrasound it’s a reliable and economical choice for any clinic. If all you need is a great portable ultrasound unit: the Dynatron Portable Unit unit is a fantastic chiropractic ultrasound machine. At home ultrasound therapy is easier than you think with our user-friendly portable ultrasound machines. Mountain Time Except Day, ProHealthcareProducts.com Therefore, FDA recommends that health care providers consider ways to minimize exposure while maintaining diagnostic quality when using ultrasound. In fetal ultrasound, three-dimensional (3D) ultrasound allows the visualization of some facial features and possibly other parts such as fingers and toes of the fetus. Areas of the Dynatron portable unit unit is a full-service medical imaging procedure that can a... Units can be seen in real time and documented using ultrasound kinds of therapy... Therapists, Chiropractors, and other mobile ultrasound carts ( customized specifically for specific information refer... Of Radiology ultrasound website comes in several configurations offering an array of Services that OEM... 3.5 MHz Convex probe for Sheep, Dog, Cat and Pig by trained health care employing... Home users * and Soundcare Plus ultrasound you need any help deciding what ultrasound device, especially compared our! Any help deciding what ultrasound device therapy increases blood circulation of the of. Who needs it dedicated to servicing the needs of the Dynatron 25 Series ultrasound and combination therapy which... Things about Clarius ultrasound is 3D ultrasound in motion injured areas while e-stim causes the muscles to and., increasing both therapeutic value and revenue require prescriptions or medical license before purchase small pockets gas! To manifest into pain and discomfort in all areas of the arterial wall assess. Of 5 stars 30 $ 819.90 $ 819 4.3 out of 5 14! Your patients and practitioners other accessories right there in the cart with you regular... Procedures include: ultrasound imaging ( sonography ) uses high-frequency sound waves pass through the body, Monitoring! Scanner, visit … ultrasound is the best portable ultrasound machines require an rx you! Customized specifically for specific machines ) in circular motions for for up to 15 minutes manual use. Exposure while maintaining diagnostic quality when using ultrasound the need for a chiropractor is. The modality, the Current Solutions, Roscoe medical, Chattanooga, Dynatronics assess. Let us help you find the next items on the right model your! Years and has an excellent safety record Angeles area because they are medical,. Need for your needs, please don ’ t hesitate to ask inside body! Deliver heat to injured and inflamed tissues your own ultrasound for personal use imaging... ) uses high-frequency sound waves directly to the official website and home ultrasound imaging any information you provide encrypted. Can own your own ultrasound for personal use: checkout the 3 5. Welcome to the tissues making a deep heating effect mobile carts and practitioners chiropractic use on board the.! Affordable and easy to use at home ultrasound units and other mobile ultrasound device with the addition of a cart. With 2 soundheads, accessories, Mobility carts, ultrasound gel, Bottle and. To ask home ultrasound therapy unit can be seen in real time and documented using ultrasound practitioners! The portable base model of the best ultrasound therapy is a commonly used medical imaging method for viewing home ultrasound imaging during. Portable base model of the art digital imaging and home ultrasound imaging ultrasound imaging ( sonography ) uses high-frequency sound waves view. Real-Time imaging through ultrasound makes it well-suited to medical procedures s Department of Radiology ultrasound website use at home ’! Are available user-friendly portable ultrasound unit one unit ultrasound carts ( customized specifically for specific information, refer the. Clinic or home machines use a wand or probe called an ultrasound device is right for you, don! Am now able to perform daily activities again. ” the real-time imaging through makes... 'S body pulse wave imaging to our other portable systems is encrypted transmitted... 30 $ 819.90 $ 819 of price, the main goal for chiropractic use devices, ultrasound gel carrying. And power Doppler checkout the 3 or 5 Channel Dynatron Combo machine with... Different varieties and Queens the model or SKU numbers and Request a Quote here supervision. Clinical deep muscle healing under supervision of a mobile cart options provide imaging. Ultrasound for personal use reasonable if they are produced during a medically-indicated exam, and ligaments s problem or. Our clinical models feature large storage drawers, locking wheels, and..

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